50s & 60s

Carole Walther (Jakubczak) pulled these photos from the Ankara 50s and 60s listserv within days of the reunion and was kind enough to forward them to us.

Smokers ... On A Break
Pat Waylett (Horvath)60, Mike Barber 60, and Carole Walther (Jakubczak) 60
The Basketball Champions
Ed Beckcom 61, Richard Harvey 62, Mark Haroldsen 62, Ned Harris 63, Rob
Gauthier 63

George Barnes hosted this "mini" at his home during Ankara Reunion 2000
Photo was submitted by Susan Harris (Morgan)

1st (front) row: Janet Akers (Wallington) 62, George Barnes 61, Ed Beckom 61
2nd row: Pat Algood (Junkin) 62, Bud Devine's wife?, Sue
Harris (Morgan) 62, Rich Harvey 62, Mickey Toscano 61, Janice Jones (Vogel) 61
3rd row: Mark Haroldsen 62, Kay Duncombe (Millette) 62, ?, Bud Devine 61, Rob Gauthier 63, Ned Harris 63, Chuck Mattox 61

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