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Summer is the time to consider Turkish Cuisine which blends itself perfectly with the fresh ingredients associated with Farmer's Markets. Bring back some of your fond memories of Ankara by trying one of our alumni-inspired favorites.

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Turkish Cuisine

(Pastry Style)
Anita Donohoe

Simit on Facebook
(Bread Style)
Charlie Brown

For those of you who don't remember them, they are a crisp, chewy twisted ring of bread studded with sesame seeds sold in the streets of Turkey. Vendors usually carry them on trays precariously balanced on their head and occasionally drop one, or two, on the ground.


Charlie's Simit

Iskender a la 'nita



Gigi Weston
Cauliflower Mousakka
Cucumber Salad
Shiela Weaver
Iskender a la 'nita
Anita Donohoe
Anita Donohoe
Turkish Rice
Doug Larson
Stuffed Tomatoes (with ground meat)
Stuffed Eggplants (in olive oil)
Stuffed Eggplants (with ground beef)
Yogurt Soup
Anita Donohoe

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