Turkish Vice Consul- Tuncay Babali


A few days before Ankara Reunion 2000, John Sullivan 74, just happen to have lunch with a friend of his who is the political attaché at the Turkish Embassy in Washington, D.C. He mentioned the upcoming reunion and AnkaraReunion.com. The word was passed on to the ambassador. After viewing the information about the reunion on the Web site, the ambassador decided the Turkish government needed a representative at the reunion. Several phone calls from Washington, D.C., to Houston and Dallas, Texas produced the keynote speaker for the Saturday night dinner, Turkish Vice Consul Tuncay Babali.

The Vice Consul discussed the importance of the relationship between Turkey and the United States during his speech. He also challenged Ankara Reunion to have their next reunion in Ankara. For this suggestion, he received a five-minute standing ovation.

Tuncay Babali delivering his speech at the dinner Saturday night.
Vice Consul Babali receiving his Ankara Reunion Whirling Dervish t-shirt.
Turkish Consulate General Letter
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