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Enjoy and support the art and music of alumni. Let us know if you are aware of other items that we should list.


Melinda Miller Collins
Web site: Melinda Miller Collins

Melinda Miller 65 attended American University in Washington, D.C., majoring in fine arts. She also holds a degree in Interior Design from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She taught interior design drawing and perspective for many years at the Academy of Art University, West Valley College, Canada College, and the U.C. Santa Cruz Extension Program. Retired from teaching, with three grown sons, she now pursues painting full time. She may be contacted at


Marti Bledsoe, Artist
Web site: Marti Bledsoe
Marti Hill (Bledsoe) 68 received her initial art instruction and life long mentoring from her aunt, a plein aire artist in Southern California. She went on to study art at Auburn University and University of Texas in El Paso, but not before she experienced the colorful culture and scenery of Turkey, where she lived for 3 years from 1967 to 1969. This exposure to the rich history, culture and art of Turkey led her to explore color and design as a stained- glass artist and jewelry designer, texture and form as a potter, and illusion of space as a wall muralist and through painting miniatures. She is currently involved in creating one of a kind prints, or monoprints, using a printmaking process called Reductive Ink. Marti’s willingness to share her creativity and teach many of her media has given her the opportunity to do commissions, exhibit in galleries, public and private exhibitions, and sell to private collectors. Her monoprints can be seen at and purchases made by contacting Marti directly or through the Jspace Gallery which is linked to her website. Prices range from $75 to $500 unframed.

Leaves and Seeds

Paula Race Grookett 61
Web site: Watermedia by Paula

Paula retired in 1996 after working 32 years in the public school system. In 1999 she pursued an interest in watercolor and discovered she loved painting.

Be sure to check out her florals, landscapes, still life and portraits and figures.


RedBubble is an open and inclusive website where individuals share their creative work with the world. It is not surprising that several alumni have chosen to display their photographs on this site. Find the links to their work below. And if you decide to become a "bubbler" let us know.

Anita Donohoe Photographs
Web site: Red Bubble

Anita Donohoe 66 has once again taken up her camera to photograph life around her on the ranch and document her travels. Her best are available for purchase from RedBubble as blank greeting cards and finished prints.

Jill Park Doyle Photographs
Web site: Red Bubble

Jill Park 71 became interested in photography after Anita Donohoe 66 visited her in Montana. She has been taking photographs for a year now and continues to enjoy it.

Melissa Miller Photographs
Web site: Red Bubble

Melissa Miller 68 has been taking photos since she was fourteen. She recently entered the digital age and is enjoying it.

Tim Gifford Bronze
Web site: Tim Gifford Bronze

Tim Gifford 76 started to explore bronze sculpting at the age of 42 after a 27-year career with the Poudre Fire Authority.

Tim's latest work, Posse, takes an abstract path. The pieces can be sold individually or as a group. Tim hopes to "see these pieces in greater than lifesize in front of a commercial setting."



Stephen Suber
Website: Centaur Records and iTunes

You can purchase "Starlit," the long-awaited CD of Steve Suber 68, at Centaur Records, Inc. Look for it under New Releases. If you are an instant gratification type person you can downloaded it at iTunes. Just type "Stephen Suber" into their search window.

Dr. Stephen Suber has been Professor of Music at Southeastern Louisiana University since 1982. His catalog includes accompanied songs and an assortment of choral works, even including a 32-part chorus which is the second track "Soleil" on the CD. The text is ancient Greek, Mesomede's "Hymn to the Sun". According to Steve, "It was recorded in Europe last May, and the recording is flawless, the performance almost better than what I can imagine in my mind's ear."

Starlit CD Cover

My Own Reality Show
Curbside Life
Website: Curbside Life

Michael "Mojo" O'Brien 79 and his band, Curbside Life, released their first CD in 2006. It makes up a good part of the soundtrack of the independent film Perilous Ties. They are working on a deal with writer Augusten Burroughs, whose book Running With Scissors was recently made into a film starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Annette Bening, and Alec Baldwin.

Marty Cohen and the Sidekicks

Take A Chance

Web site
: Download MP3 or Purchase CD

Marty Cohen 65 and The Sidekicks perform original acoustic music that’s been called “urbane, inspired folk with a pop twist.” You will be sure to enjoy their rich harmonies and unique arrangements and lyrics that say something to all of us.

As Yet Untold
Web site:
Download MP3 or Purchase CD

Marty's second CD is as enjoyable as his debut CD, "Take A Chance." You can listen online and download individual songs to your MP3 player or purchase the entire CD.

Peninsula Women's Chorus
Web site: Peninsula Women's Chorus

Nature Pictures (2010)
Beatrice Fanning 76 is a member of this Palo Alto-based, 50-voice women's choir which performs high-quality classical and contemporary music in the Bay Area and many parts of the world. Bea has a small solo on this CD.

Nature Pictures, their 7th CD, won second place for the American Prize in Choral Performance in the community chorus category. The American Prize is a series of new, non-profit national competitions for the best recorded performances of music in various categories.

Winter Patterns
Beatrice Fanning 76 has three solos on this holiday-themed CD which will become a favorite all through the year.

The title is the English translation of Talvemustrid, Estonian composer Veljo Tormis’ blustery series that depicts moments in winter.

Please note that listed price is what is available at the posting of this page and may be subject to change.