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These sites provide a variety of information. Some are fee for service. The majority of the sites provide a resource or means to find old friends. They also provide general information on military brats.

American Overseas Schools Historical Society
The American Overseas Schools Historical Society, AOSHS, is the only organization in the world dedicated to collecting and preserving the artifacts and the history of American overseas schools and telling the story of educating American children overseas. If you are a past, present, or future student or educator of the American overseas school system this is your library and museum.

You might also consider donating items to an alma mater. Linda Crocker 66 and her siblings donated items that chronicled their father's career to his alma mater, the University of Delaware. Read more under Life Events.

Military Brats Registry
If you are looking for a long, lost friend, this is the place to start. This web site provides a searchable database which allows you to search by different parameters such a name, school or city. A brief history of each "brat" along with their e-mail address is provided.

Military Brats Online (MBO)
MBO has been serving military everywhere since 1995. If you haven't visited recently, please note it has been redesigned. Think of it as "MySpace" meets "Military Brats" . . . there are blogs, powerful search features, discussion groups, photo albums, events, friends, chat and more!

Membership is absolutely free and once you signup as a member you can list events, look for alumni, start discussion groups, and make new friends.

Overseas Brats
Overseas Brats is an organization and magazine for those associated with American Overseas schools. They aid alumni groups with their alumni organizations and reunion activities. According to OSB, they have located 20,000 people since 1986 and are adding 20 to 40 new people each week.

This site "helps high school alumni friends find each other." When you join, your yearly membership will provide you with access to an extensive database of registered alumni which come from more than 30,000 high schools covering all 50 states and Canada plus 300 American/Canadian territorial and overseas high schools.

This site has over 77,000 schools and 16,000 members registered for this free service. It provides contact information (e-mail and mailing addresses, phone numbers), current photograph, and biographical information. They have over 2 million members.

Official DODEA Home Page
The Department of Defense Educational Activity Home Page is a "school information resource for talented, motivated and mobile military community." Having trouble finding your high school transcripts and are worried you might have to take the GED? This is the place for you!

TCK World
TCKs are Third Culture or Trans-Cultural Kids. It is the home of Operation Footlocker, the Mobile Military Brat Monument and Schools Without Walls which is a place for schools which no longer exist. This site explains why you can never go home.

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