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Anita's Turkey
Turkey through my eyes

These three YouTube videos are a visual description of two visits back to Turkey. Along with the sights, you will see Turkish people, animals and food. For minimal distortion, choose to view in high quality.
Playing time: 08:20 minutes

Anita’s Turkey 1/3: Iznik, Bursa, Troy, Pergamum, Asklipion, Pamukkale, Aphrodisias, Ephesus and Konya.

Anita’s Turkey 2/3: Ankara, Cappadocia, Priene, Didyma and Miletos.
Playing time: 4:07 minutes

Anita’s Turkey 3/3: The sights of Istanbul: Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, Justinian's Cistern, Bosphorus, Topkapi Palace, Spice Market, Aya Sofia, Kariye Church.
Playing time: 06:03 minutes

Turkey Tour 2007
On 21 April, Anita Donohoe 66 began her two week tour in Istanbul. From there, she continued on to Troy, Canakkale, Bergama, Izmir, Ephesus, Kusadasi, Priene, Miletus, Didyma, Aphrodisias, Pamukkale, Konya, Cappadocia, Ankara, Eskisehir, Bursa and back to Istanbul. We have uploaded over 200 of her photographs and hope you will enjoy them.

Anita Donohoe

Photos from last year’s tour are available at Turkey Tour 2006.
Date of trip: April 21 - May 4, 2007
Submitted by: Anita Donohoe 66

Turkey Tour 2006
Anita Donohoe embarked on this tour May 18th and started sending us updates on Sunday, May 21. She traveled with several alumni and visited with alumni, faculty and friends from Istanbul to Ankara.

Sit back and enjoy Turkey from the comfort of your home as we share over 150 photographs and first person accounts.We also have provided links to additional photographs and facts about the sites and cities visited.
Date of trip: May 18 - June 4, 2006
Submitted by: Anita Donohoe 66, Wendi Crabill (Felson) 67 and Dennis Funchess 59

Affordable Hotel Near Center of Istanbul
Melissa Miller's Letter to the San Francisco Chronicle
November 5, 2006
Submitted by: Melissa Miller 68

Ankara, Turkey (62 photographs)
You can find pictures of George C. Marshall Regional High School as well as pictures around Turkey.
Date of trip: September 2004
Submitted by: Khan Klatt 90

Turkey 2004
If you enjoyed the pictures Mike Morrison provided of Ankara High School reunions, you will enjoy his trip to Turkey in May 2004. He documents this trip, with wife Gloria, with pictures as well as a running narrative.
Submitted by: Mike Morrison 64

Ankara, Turkey (7 photographs)
You can find pictures of our alma mater and teachers on this page.
Date of trip: May 2000
Submitted by: Mike Gifford 74