Related Links - Sites for a Turkish Fix

If you miss Turkey and want to recreate the experience, these web sites will help.

Topkapi Palace Museum
This Web site offers a virtual tour of all museum sections with detailed descriptions and provides a brief account of the palace's history. Visitors can also download a map of the museum and browse through a photo gallery. Information on visiting hours and transportation is also available.

Merhaba Turkey
This web site of American Military in Turkey features photos and stories from people who were stationed in many locations throughout Turkey. Ankara has its own section. You will find "links of all things Turkish."

Turkish Culture List
A very good announcement only source for weekly Turkish news and varied articles on Turkish culture hosted by Ahmet Toprak.
To subscribe, click on the link and follow the directions:

Turkish Radio eStore
Find Turkish items from books to gifts to foods! If you purchase something from the eStore, Turkish Radio, which is funded by donations, receives a very small amount.

All About Turkey
This site will help you plan a trip to Turkey or make you feel like you have been there recently. It offers information on Historical Sites, Road Maps and How to Come. If you just want to learn about Turkey you can view their Slide Shows or visit their Reference Library.

Turkey Travel Planner
This is another great site to help you plan a trip to Turkey. Maps, Tours and Routes and Special Interest are just a few of the sections.

Turkish Food - Türkiye at your fingertips
This site doesn't just offer food and recipes. It offers links to Turkish media, jewelry and belly dancing accessories just to mention a few. This is a great site for those in need of a fix.

Turkish Cook
You can find recipes for soups, hors d'oeuvres, pastries, main dishes and desserts on this site. The finishing touch to make this site complete are the links to sites where you can purchase Turkish food to complete your recipes.

Best Turkish Food
As you might imagine, you can buy Turkish food from this site. This "store" offers several sections. They include BakeShop, Breakfast, Dry Goods, Canned Foods, Beverages, Snacks, Cookies & Delight. Kitchenware and Personal Care items are also offered.

Puzzle Rings
Can't remember how to put your ring together? This site has animated assembly instructions. If you lost your ring, you can buy a new one here.

Alumni Groups
Ankara Today