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These sites provide information on current conditions in Turkey. Believe it or not, you can find information on weather and internet service providers to art and culture. Our alma mater even has a Web site.

Anatolia Magazine
This e-magazine has topics on cities and regions, history, people and life, tradition, religion, art, handcraft, nature and travel-information about Turkey.

Photographer and writer Jens Helmstedt has more than twenty years travel-experience in Turkey. His stories about well known and unknown regions, places and people in Anatolia should give you a wonderful view of Turkey.

Hurriyet Daily News
The Turkish Daily News, established in March 1961, is Turkey's first and largest English-language daily. Readers are offered a rich content that includes diplomatic, political, economic, social, cultural and international news. Its reports, interviews and analyses of external politics have made the newspaper famous for being Turkey's window to the world.

Today's Zaman Daily Newspaper
Today's Zaman, was established in 1986 by Feza Publications Inc. and based in Istanbul, is among top five national daily newspapers in Turkey with an average 500,000 circulation. Zaman, which means "time," was the first online newspaper in Turkey in 1995.

As an independent daily newspaper, Zaman is acknowledged for its serious, fair and balanced reporting. It has won numerous national and international awards, especially for its modern page layout and contributions to inter-cultural understanding through its foreign editions.

Assembly of Turkish American Associations
Excellent site!!! This site provides current news on Turkey from weather to internet provider services. If you are only going to check one site, this is the one.

My Merhaba
This website offers detailed information for foreigners living in Turkey. It addresses life in general, including updated events calendars for Istanbul and Ankara.

Turkish Embassy
You can find good information about Turkey on this site. Country Profile, Art and Culture and Travel and Tourism are just a few categories.

Turkish Culture Portal
Turkey's cultural heritage from cuisine to music and from art to ideals is now available with just a click. This site expected to be completed in a year will allow users to upload, view as well as share videos, pictures and other materials related to Turkish culture in an interactive way.

George C. Marshall
Ankara ES/HS
Our alma mater is still in business and this site lets you know what is happening today.

Turkish Fix
Travel Tips