DataBase Registry
General Information

We have designed a site that will address any privacy concerns you may have about registering with us. Unlike some alumni Web sites, none of your actual contact information will ever appear on the site. This includes your mailing address as well as your email address. Although your email is sent through the site, we do not have the ability to read, moderate or interrupt the delivery of your communications.

Double-Blind Email System

You can locate alumni with our Registry Search. A search will prompt a table to appear, similar to the one below. Clicking on the email link will let you send a message through Connections, but the actual email address will never appear. You will see the email address when you receive a reply.

First Name
Last Name
Grad Yr
Mary Smith 1966 CA Los Angeles
USA 1/8/06 Email Mary!

If you have an automatic response set on your email account because you are on vacation or out of the office, the response is returned to Connections, not to the sender. We will notify the sender of your response so they will never see your email address.

Who Needs to Register?

Students who attended at least one year of high school in Ankara, grades 9-12, class years 1953 - this year's graduates. We do not accept registrations from students prior to their high school graduation.

We discourage registrations from students who were in Ankara only for elementary school or middle (junior high) school. Instead, join our Facebook page, Ankara High School Connections. Another option to get connected to former classmates is to sign our Guestbook.

Quick, Easy & Available to Everyone

Because we conceal contact information, we do not require that you go through a lengthy registration and approval process before you can use our Registry Search. We do not need to restrict access to our search which means you can start connecting with old friends immediately!

Current Email Addresses

Not only were we the first searchable database, our email system is structured to alert us immediately when an email is sent to an address that is no longer active. Therefore, email addresses on our site are active and current. We provide the best way to connect with old friends.

Registration Options

Full Registration Form
If you are not listed on the site, please complete a Full Registration form. If you are not sure if you are registered with us, perform a search by using our Registry Search.
Full Registration Form

Express Registration Form
If you are registered with us and your email address or mailing address has changed recently, use this short form to advise us of the change.
Express Registration Form