Photographs 2000

Check In (6 photographs)
Friday morning, July 21
Check in with
Karen Wright (Arbaugh) 70 and daughter, Jennifer, plus much more.

Performance (5 photographs)
Marilyn Elmore (Brown) and her former students performing at the reunion Saturday afternoon.

Early Sixties (3 photographs)
Submitted by: Sue Harris (Morgan) 62

Late Sixties ( 7 photographs)
Submitted by:
Jim DeAngelo 69

50s & 60s Listserv Photos (3 photographs)
Submitted by: This collection of photos were circulated through the listserv within days of the reunion.

Turkish Vice Consul (3 photographs)
Keynote speaker, Vice Consul Tuncay Babali, at the Saturday night dinner

MORE PICTURES (outsite this Web site)
brought to you by:

Mike Morrison 64

Kevin Reinhart 70

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